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Bi-fold doors consist of multiple hinged panels on a sliding track that can be pushed away to one side as the panels fold against each other. Bi-fold options offer an extra level of flexibility as we can custom design the width of each panel to suit your space.

Key Specifications.

  • German Bi-fold door hardware up to 7 door sashes (max. 80kg per sash).

  •  12  installation figures possible.

  •  Multi-level door seals in the closed position.

  •  Frictionless operation.

  •  Multi-point lock with handle and keyed lock.

  •  Inward and outward opening system.

BiFold Door Options.

MAXI can design and manufacture a wide range of option for our doors to suit most residential and commercial requirements. The options available will be determined by the application, styling preferences and your budget. All our doors are finished with high-quality hardware for years of flawless operation.

Frame Options.

MAXI does not limit you to one frame material. Working with our suppliers we can provide a wide range of frame options to ensure our windows and doors will meet your requirement perfectly.

  • Options include 50, 55, 60, 68 and 86mm residential frame systems in PVC, Aluminium, Timber and Timber-Aluminum.
  • Commercial 100mm Aluminium system is also available with sub-head and sub-sill for floor to ceiling installation.

 Glass and Screen Options.

  • Toughened Glass.
  • Low-E Glass.

  • Laminated Glass
  • Tinted or Privacy Glass
  • Fly Screens available for most windows and doors.

Further Options.

  • Standard softwood reveals.
  • 140mm x 20mm  and 110 x 20mm.

  •  Special reveal sizes available on request.

  •  AS 2047 tested.


  • 55mm Aluminium thermally broken double glazed with LowE glass 3.5 Uw.
  • 60mm PVC double glazed with LowE glass 1.8 Uw.
  • 68 mm Timber or Timber-Aluminium double glazed with LowE glass 1.4 Uw.
  • Sound insulation up to 39 dB with 60mm PVC and up to 41dB with 68mm Timber or 86mm Timber-Aluminium window system.

Talk to MAXI about your project and let us design a bespoke solution that will meet your requirements perfectly. All using the last European styles and technology.